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  • Allday Consulting, Certified Public Accountants, Business ConsultantsQuickBooks Accounting Support Center  
    Revel Systems Point of Sale

    Revel Systems is a fully customizable iPad-based point of sale system. Revel provides a simple and powerful REST API to integrate the Revel POS into your business or application. Application Programming Interface helps you enhance your Revel iPad POS for your business industry and goals. The backend of the system can be managed by a smartphone or by a Web browser. With the Revel POS System you can add several hardware devices like receipt printer, cash drawer, and credit card swipe.

    Revel has several POS systems for the culinary industry such as Kitchen Display System, Drive-through POS, Food Truck POS, and Restaurant POS. Other retail POS systems include Grocery POS, Retail POS, and Quick Service POS. Revel also has systems for large venues including Stadium POS and Events POS. With online ordering, users can integrate their website's online ordering with the Revel POS, allowing their customers to place orders online and set pickup times.

    Revel has the following Point Of Sale Systems:
  • Grocery Store POS

  • Winery POS

  • Convenience Store POS

  • Fuel Retail POS
  • Stadium POS
    The Revel Stadium iPad POS software manages high volume and fast paced environments like merchandise and concession lines. The transactions run smoothly even during unexpected internet outages. Sport Fans can continue to watch and cheer for their favorite teams while ordering with their mobile devices. Never missing a play.
    Brewery POS
    Some of the main benefits for the Revel Brewery iPad POS is that it keeps your liquid inventory amounts more accurate. It measures the precise amount of beers served so you know when you are ready to start a new batch. You can create digital menus which can evolve to the one your clients like best.
    Movie POS
    Revel Movie iPad POS is made for the movie theater industry. It can print movie tickets, keep inventory, update the POS stations as ticket sales or concession stands, and track the number of movie tickes sold per movie.Fast wait times for your clients to enjoy a movie as soon as possible.
    Event POS

    Revel Event POS is used to calculate payroll with ease, tack all sales and inventory in real time and forecast stock. Even if the Internet is not in operation the Revel iPad Point of Sale is working. It can do thousands of transactions in a short time period.

    Salon POS

    Revel Salon POS has the ability to schedule appointments and create confirmation reminders. The Salon POS is tailored to salons, spas, and beauty parlors.

    Grocery Store POS
    The Grocery Store POS provides grocery businesses with all the tools they need to run their business. The invenotry management system uses food-safe scales and provides real time reports.
    Winery POS

    The Winery POS system is equipped with all the tools wineries need. Track the exact amount of alcohol poured so you know when you need to restock wine bottles. You can have wine tastings and know that your clients can have the best tasting experience and keep a record of the wines they like in the customer relationship management system.

    Convenience Store POS
    The Convenience Store POS keeps track of your inventory and therefore making it very easy to run your business for 24/7. It creates detail product mix reports.
    Fuel Retail POS
    The Fuel Retail POS is for gasoline stations and convenience stores. It creates a way to be able to assign the right amount of gas for pumps to dispense, directly from the Fuel Retail POS. From one location you can process convenience store transactions, manage inventory, and get real-time reporting.

    On-Site Training
    If you need specific help with Peachtree Accounting, or just want to learn more about additional Peachtree Accounting features and can't make it to our seminars, we can come to your business for "personalized one-on-one training".

    On-Site Accounting Services
    If you need assistance with your accounting work, we're here for you. We can help you with monthly financial statements, general ledgers, journal entries, sales tax reporting, payroll tax filing and bank reconciliations.

    Business Consulting Services
    After looking closely at the numbers, we provide our clients with continuous business and financial advise. This advice helps our clients better manage their business which in turn helps their business become more successful.

    Strategic Tax Reduction and Tax Return Preparation
    Our clients "keep more of their hard-earned money" because we continuously seek out opportunities that help reduce their tax burden. By using Peachtree Accounting Software, when it's time to prepare their tax returns, our clients just give us a backup of their Peachtree data files. Using the backups provided by our clients, we can prepare their annual financial statements and business tax returns. This method is the most quick and efficient way to pepare tax returns for their business, which helps keep our fees down.

    Software Upgrades and Network Upgrades
    We can help with installing the latest version of Peachtree Accounting, converting your data and even upgrading to a multi-user version. If you think you've outgrown Peachtree Accounting software, we can help you upgrade to other programs such as Business Works and MAS-90 accounting software.

    Cash Flow Management Services
    We can also improve your cash flow by providing professional billing and collection services, pre-authorized check drafts on client accounts, accounts payable management, payroll preparation and onsite bookkeeping.

    Internet Business Development Services
    Is your business on the web? We provide web development services for e-commerce solutions such as online product/service catalogs and online order entries. We'll develop your web application and upload it to the host. Once you are on the web, we also provide search engine placement and ranking enhancements.


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